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Roe v. Wade: Revisited

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It has been a little over three decades since the most controversial Supreme Court case was decided. Since then, many other decisions have arisen that offer women an easier path to obtaining abortions.

According to lawyers and professors, an unborn child is called a “fetus,” not a “baby.” According to the dictionary, a fetus is “an unborn offspring of a mammal, in particular, an unborn human baby more than eight weeks after conception.”

So, an unborn child is a fetus and a fetus is an unborn child. Ergo, aborting a fetus is still murdering a child.

While discussing this in my Constitutional and Civil Rights course, it was stated that the choice is left up to the mother on whether or not to have an abortion and they do not need the consent of the father. This is, once again, ironic.

I call it irony because the father in either situation is being told that although he contributed to creating life, he can not have any input on what happens to it. Thus, if the mother chooses to keep the child and he doesn’t want it, he is still stuck paying child support.

How is it that when there is consensual sex, the father, an equal contributor to the creation of the child is not allowed to have input on the outcome? What if the father wants to keep the child and the mother wants an abortion?

In these cases, the mother is allowed to have an abortion simply because she wants to. There is no need for a reason or explanation, the father is left in the dark and is left to wallow in his despair, while the mother chooses the easy way out of her own decisions.

Abortion is, with exceptions to sexual assault or health risks, the cowards way out of a decision one was not prepared to handle the outcome of. When a child is conceived, the moment the egg and the sperm are intertwined, life is created.

This, of course, would imply that abortion is murder and I’d say that implication is correct. The best way to approach this is to assume one doesn’t know how abortions are done, in which case, below is a diagram depicting one.

As one can see, the child is torn apart and pulled from the womb. Many have said that the child can feel this happening and often try to move away from the instruments trying to tear it apart.

I believe that abortion is wrong, but I know that it is up to the individual to decide what is right for them. That is why I will educate others in the hopes that one day, abortion practices are ended.

Within the coming weeks, I will be writing a post on the history of Planned Parenthood and why we should be creating an alternative healthcare provider for women.


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