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Sunday Morning Nightclub Shooting: the solution to gun violence in America

Over the past few years, there has been one report after another of shootings in the United States. Every time one occurs, the President speaks on gun violence and their opinion of how to solve this epidemic.

After the speeches occur, nothing changes. Everyone goes back to their everyday lives, they change their Facebook profile picture back to their regular photos and the world just forgets.

The families of those affected are told that the government is doing everything they can to help ensure that this is resolved and a solution is designed. The problem with this process is that the government has yet to do anything to ensure attacks do not happen again.

There are a million ways to react when an attack is reported, but none thus far have been to prevent it from happening. All the solutions that are brought forth are reactionary and not preventative.

The solution is to prevent attacks before they happen and not panic to find a solution after such attacks happen. When the gunman at Sandy Hook took the lives of children, we watched as then President Obama pleaded with Congress and others to end gun violence.

When the Pulse nightclub in Orlando was attacked, then President Obama promised to help find a solution to gun violence and vowed resources to help the families of the victims. Time and time again, promises are made and no preventative action is taken.

Or, it is that the left’s actions just aren’t working? Is having fewer guns in America the answer or the problem?

I believe that the education of children on the proper uses and operations of guns is more important that a blanket ban on assault weapons or large magazines.

If we are able to teach children how to treat and act when a gun is present, then we can start eliminating one potential shooter at a time. This all starts at home, however.

It is the responsibility of the parent to keep their guns locked away and to teach their children how to properly treat a weapon such as a gun. I, also, believe that we should be arming our teachers/instructors in public high school.

As Sheriff Clarke once said, police can take a bit of time to get somewhere and sometimes it takes too long. There needs to be a sure-fire way that students are protected and that starts with training and arming teachers to respond in emergency situations.

Imagine if the teachers were armed in Sandy Hook, Virgina Tech or Columbine. Would the attackers take as many lives as they did that day?

These are the preventative actions that need to be taken to ensure everyone is protected and safe from foreign and domestic terror. Preventative actions are the most important actions one can take.

Reactive actions dismantle many rights and liberties at we enjoy in America. They are often fueled by anger or with revenge in sight.

To solve gun violence in America, we have to put our best foot forward and accept that not everything that is presented is a good idea. Some of the best ideas are simple, not complex, ideas that are often small changes that can be made to ensure everyone is protected equally and without breaking the Second Amendment.